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For 24 years: the German energy company to push the longevity of lithium iron phosphate battery
    Recently, the Nova progress is expected to replace the traditional battery, lithium battery report continuously, let us see Mobile, flat has a longer duration of hope, but most of them remain in the stage of laboratory research, and whether large-scale investment when business is bad. Now, pragmatic German energy company Deboch TEC.GmbH brought a more close to the reality of the new energy technology: the iron lithium battery.
     The lithium iron phosphate battery ( LiFePO4 ) in the early 1996 by Japanese NTT to found, can solve the cobalt acid lithium ion battery short life, low safety, not fast charging, consistency of the poor and other issues, and the iron lithium battery has excellent safety, service life is at least 2000 times charge cycle, and fast charging, green and environmental protection advantages.
      This technology has been BMW, Benz, GM and other car manufacturers to love, in which the United States A123 System and the lead German Deboch TEC.GmbH are lithium iron phosphate battery Pioneer: the former main large electric motor areas, has become a BMW I series of electric vehicle battery suppliers; the latter is more focused on the large capacity mobile storage areas, for example, single power core capacity breakthrough. Deboch TEC.GmbH published the lithium iron phosphate battery technology white paper display, in the use of composite nano materials, single section 32650 specifications ( diameter 32mm/ length 65mm ) batteries energy density can be increased to 6000mAh, and the current industry 32650 specifications of single 5000mAh specifications compared with equal volume, upgrade for 1000mAh, which is more than 20%, 1 day can give iPhone 4SMobile repeated charging almost 4 times. More speculatively, in single low magnification charging-discharging environment, the battery used in the cycle up to 3000 times, consumption is still maintained at around 80%, while the ordinary lithium battery charging cycle about 500 times this virtue. According to every 3 days to charge and discharge time calculation, can be used continuously for 24 years, the longevity of batteries is live up to one's name. The new battery technology can be widely used in portable mobile power supply, small UPS, laptop batteries, car batteries and other equipment, and according to the different use of the environment, Deboch TEC.GmbH also in accordance with the cycle of charging times difference using different electric core color: oriented military class is golden, circulation 3000 times; civilian vehicles in the area the use of blue, 2500; green, 2000 times for small portable mobile devices. Deboch TEC.GmbH of the lithium iron phosphate batteries for each 1000mAh price is 3 euros, 6000mAh is 18 euros, about 140 yuan, really not expensive. Further, once the realization of large-scale product, every 1000mAh price will be gradually reduced to under 2 euros, 6000mAh is less than one hundred dollars!
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