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Fast chargeable lithium battery: 120 times faster than ordinary battery
    Ulsan University of science and technology a research team, developed a rechargeable lithium battery fast speed than the traditional 30 to 120 times the new lithium battery. The panel believes it, available for electric automobile manufacturing a battery group, that the car is full of power in less than a minute. A lot of people do a contribution to environmental protection. But many of my friends are not clear, we eliminated the waste Mobile battery to the environment harm is very serious.
    A rechargeable battery is a main problem of battery is bigger, longer charge time. The large battery is divided into a small number of cells, might be able to solve this problem.South Korean scientists use cathode materials -- standard of lithium manganese oxide ( LMO ), soak it in a solution containing graphite. Then, the graphite for lithium manganese oxide and carbide, graphite will become a across the cathode conductive net. These carbon graphite network is very effective, like blood vessels operation, so that the battery every part can charge at the same time, the charging speed is 30 to 120 times.
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