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Should promote the battery technology innovative progress
    On the current battery technology on electric vehicles are empty, to have the opportunity to popularize, battery technology should have greater progress, this is the consensus, which is why a few days to South Korean scientists "minute charging " theory would cause such a controversy. Recently, Ulsan University of science and technology a research team developed a rechargeable lithium battery fast speed than the traditional 30 to 120 times the new lithium battery. Use it for electric automobile manufacturing a battery, to a car full of electric only need less than a minute. The comments once published immediately caught the attention of the world, various voices also come in a throng.
    Tsinghua professor says, years ago in his students would attend the United States research group, have proposed similarity theory. He said, this is the laboratory research results, from industrialization is too far. However, whether the claim is exaggerate, it let us re-examine their target, and evaluate our efforts to reach the goal is enough. Our goal is: 2015, pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles cumulative production and sales volume of 500000 units. At first glance, this goal is not, can actually not small. According to the electric car era network statistics, in June this year, the domestic sales of pure electric car 2227. Even if these are passenger cars, also means that after 3 years, the pure electric vehicle sales to increase 250 times. Obviously, it is very difficult to achieve, especially in difficult problem hasn't overcome battery case. First of all, lithium battery energy density is low, the current E6 body iron lithium battery weight is 400 kilograms, plug-in Prius body of the battery is 220 kilograms, the energy density is low, the weight, the space is small, need to find new battery materials. Secondly, the battery capacity is poor, claimed the life of more than 100 kilometres is refers to the ideal state, the actual pavement life is about 60 kilometers, if in Beijing such big city traffic, 60 kilometers is not enough. Third is the poor safety, this controversial issue, because the cell material are unstable, really easy explosion. The above three are essential, but the charging time can not be ignored. Why? Even if the fast charge, is about 30 minutes, more than 1 car, traffic congestion, and fast charge much shortened battery life; slow charge affect efficiency; changing the electricity has risk. We really should be more hopes in the charging mode of innovation, innovative way to charge substantially shorten the charging time, to make electric cars for people to accept. Since the new energy plan, the relevant departments should increase strength to drive battery technology innovation type progress, such widespread adoption of electric cars will only point spectrum.
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